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Reliable, good organized and warm-hearted 70% Housekeeper / 30% Nanny in full-time with good knowledge in the english wanted to Cologne-Rodenkirchen / NRW as soon as possible.

The placing is free of costs for applicants ! For further information please call us directly: • Mrs Hartwig 0049 (0) 89. 29.99.00 • Mrs. Schichl Munich German Domesticstaff Agency International A.O.G.® 0049 (0) 89.299.900 or Cologne 0221.598.117.33
alle Stellen Hauspersonal

Chiffre-Number: Housekeeper/Nanny-Cologne


alle Stellen Hauspersonal

Responsibility assignment:

Experienced housekeeper
 70 %
Nanny / Mothers help
 30 %

Location and working hours:
  • 5 - Köln-Rodenkirchen
  • From Mon - Sat 07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00 FULL TIME (40-50)
  • Working hours:

    Monday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
    Tuesday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
    Wednesday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
    Thursday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
    Friday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
    Saturday07:30/8:00 to 17:00/18:00
  • overtime of course will be paied extra or be satisfied in spare time
  • You can have the overtime hours off when the family is on vacation or it will be paid extra
Date of joining
  • As soon as possible
  • permanent employment
Your professional and personal skills:
  • capacity for teamwork: You will work very close with the mother
  • graduation: not relevant, a good educational background and work experience is important.
  • special training(s): Hauswirtschafterin or Haus- und Familienpflegerin oder eine ungelernte Kraft mit besten Referenzen aus vergleichbaren Tätigkeiten
  • job experience in private household desired
  • foreign language(s):
    Good english is important.
  • mother tongue:
    German or English or French
  • your age should be between 30+- and 55+-
Children in household:
2 at age of 4 years old and a newborn with 2 months
care of children: Through the searched housekeepar/nanny and through the mother and the kindergarden.

Your assignment in headwords:
  • care of infants:
    • Experience with toddlers is desired.
  • care of family
    • encouragement creative: Age appropriate encouragement like e.g. reading, playing games, "discover new things". You should love to see the childrn developing.
    • encouragement intellectual: Encouragement suitable for children, age appropriate.
  • householding
    • housekeeping: All general housekeeping duties excl. the laundry - you should have experience as a housekeeper in private households, and knowledge
    • cleaning: All cleaning duties that could come up in a private household.
    • cooking: Cooking meals and diners for the family. You can cook meals and enjoy cooking - daily for the entire family. Child appropriate meals are mandatory. You also prepare fruits and little deserts for the children.
    • preparation of breakfast: Prepare the breakfast for the family.
    • organisation: You are able to organize the household and your duties independantly. Also everything that is necessary for the child and its daily routine. You are well organized and are able to arrange everything necessary for the little child and all its needs
    • errands/shopping: All shoppings for the family, also orders via internet.
  • Therefor we offer you a adequate salary as noncommittal guiding value of , depending on hours of work, age, work experience, references, qualification and operational readiness.
  • 40-45 hours per week
  • The salary is fair and will be discussed with your new employer directly.
Further a pleasing, straightforward, friendly environment in an absolute position of trust in a permanent employment is offered to you.

Place of work/location: House with garden

The family is looking for a very reliable, loyal and discreet employee. You should love working in a private household with all housekeeping duties excl. the laundry, and to take over all duties in the child care.

Mother tongue(s) of employer:
Nationality of employer:
Foreign language(s) of employer:
Deutsch und Englisch

Please send your complete application documents including photo to our assigned agency:

Max-Planck-Straße 6/RGB
D-81675 Munich
Fon: 0049.89.299.900
Fon: 0049.89.981.059.00
Fax: 0049.89.981.059.01

Please don´t forget our interview for applicants and the contract with our agency !
(to download click at interview for applicants respectively contract with our agency)
A.O.G Frankfurt head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Hamburg head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Berlin head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Düsseldorf head office
Fon: 0049.
eMail: cs@aog-online.de

Office hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 - 16.00
Fri 10.00 - 13.00
Please ask for an appointment

Much more regional, national and international job offers are to be found at www.hauspersonalagentur.de, for modem users www.089299900.com

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